Paper Oni Productions was created by the joining of 4 founding members who came together from giant production companies.

With the level of talent they brought on to the organization they were able to put together a series of inhouse production projects in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

As time progressed many people got interested in the Paper Oni Production Projects and the team grew rapidly to a full on production pipe line.

The majority of the team initially came on board knowing that they would not be financially compensated until a time where the productions would create traction. But that fact did not impede their level of commitment.

Paper Oni Productions has produced amazing content using avant guarde strategies and new technologies. The team created a large part of their work using Quill and Unreal engine that were not entirely optimized for commercial use but the technicians were able to create pipeline tools and modifications in order to make the team operate smoothly.

Since its inception Paper Oni Productions has been involved in multiple collaborations with companies from the BC Tech Association, Launch Academy and various other production houses.