Augmented Reality

We provide end to end development, deployment and maintenance of a range of Augmented Reality products, contact us to find out if AR Tech is right for you and your company.


Mobile App AR

App based Augmented Reality is growing daily which companies like Pokemon and Ikea have rapidly utilized. There are a wide range of uses for App based tools, from product promotion to gaming. The team at Paper Oni utilizes a variety of design and Development software to create some of the most impressive, interactive AR content available.


Web AR

With the release of the Apple AR tool kit, the possibility of using AR on mobile has exploded in potential, by utilizing the iPhone camera, QR codes or tracking software AR has become a user friendly and less invasive tool that all consumers can try out. Now without the need for downloading apps, everyone can use AR on their mobile device.



Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology, new uses for these products are being discovered every day, currently the majority of their use is on tech heavy industries or capital rich government organizations, however, with recent software developments every industry is able to enter the Augmented Reality realm.

Nick Liang



The Augmented Reality development team at Paper Oni Productions studio is one of the industries most in depth group available, with a wide range of talent and impressive background of achievements.

Alex Galda