Content Creation

From Fashion to Animation, we have the ability to create and handle content through the variety of talent that we have. We will work with you to create content that's unique and catered to your audience.


Talent is like a fragile tree, it needs to be given consistent care in order to thrive. The team offers a series of management tools and resources in order to manage, organize and plan out your pathway to success


Whether you want to be seen at Fashion week, featured in indie movies or to increase your ranking on Instagram, you will require a lot of promotional planning and execution to get you where you want.

The Social Media Team



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Kosar is an award winning photographer, Director of Photography and Entrepreneur that has been involved in a series of high level productions through out her Career. In 2016 she had a TedX talk about the importance of moments.



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Jonathan is a producer, director and editor that has been involved in a variety of projects from movie productions at Rain Maker Studios to independent Music Video production, if you have been following the Vancouver scene chances are you have seen his work. 



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Hos is a business development manager that has a 10 years of experience in sales, promotion and negotiation. He has a history of managing talent and promoting the smallest product to success, his start up company hit $2.3 Million in revenue in 2016.



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Eric is a Director and Film maker that has his own production company, he started his career working with Athletes in Whistler, showcasing their talent and promoting their profile, he quickly rose in the ranks and he recently released a series of short films in various festivals. If you've ever looked at snowboarders doing back flips on YouTube, you've probably seen some of his work



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Anna is an award winning animator, she recently graduated at the top of her class in Animation. While she has been involved in Various animation and Virtual Reality Projects, she has done a certain amount of animation for social media content, specifically around animating choreographic dance videos, you can find her work all over Instagram.